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Client Testimonials

Below are just a few of the postive comments we've received from our course participants. If you've attended one of our courses please tell us about the experience - we'd love to hear your feedback.


“I was most impressed by how supportive the Elevate tutors were and their willingness to keep in touch, even to the extent of occasional out-of-office hours or weekend contact. I can’t speak highly enough of them – they really demonstrate how committed they are to making it work.”

Natalie Wood, Letterbox

Natalie attended the following Elevate courses: Effective Management and Performance, Modern Manager, and HR Essentials

“I can't really over-emphasise how valuable the courses were to me. As well as teaching me a lot of new practical skills such as utilising social media, creating marketing materials using photoshop, and even creating my own e-commerce website, the course gave me allocated 'space' each week to look really critically at what I was doing and to plan my overall business strategy properly. I had used social media a bit before attending the course but I now have a much better grasp of how to use it in a purposeful way to greater effect. It has enabled me to launch a local produce business in a way that hasn't been done in this area before, and has ensured that there is a distinct niche for it within the existing market.

There is a lot of supposed 'business support' out there that is either wishy-washy or very generalised and doesn't really 'fit' real businesses. The Elevate courses are very much designed to fit around the business rather than vice versa, and the tutors are experienced and flexible enough to advise over a very broad range of enterprises.”

Rosie Kressman, Freshbocs

Rosie attended the following Elevate courses: Introduction to Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Visual Marketing: Digital Images

“What I have learned on the courses has been really useful in marketing Crest. I have a new approach to advertising and our social media platforms have become more community based, plus we now have a dynamic and flexible integrated marketing strategy that is used on an on-going basis.”

Anna Hughes, Crest Co-operative

Anna attended the following Elevate courses: Integrated Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing, Visual Marketing: Digital Images

“Thank you so much for such an excellent course it's been like a light bulb going off in my head and I am super excited about the next course. These will make so much difference to my Artistic career.”

Carys Hughes

Carys attended the following Elevate courses: Artist Facilitator, Professional Practice for the Creative Industries

“These courses are fully funded but even if I’d had to pay thousands I would have been happy as I now have the skills to control our online operations. As a small company, if you make the time investment you have to know that you are going to reap the rewards. During the period spent on the Elevate Cymru courses I could actually carry out practical work in developing our web presence and, straight away, this has made a tangible difference.”

Carol Michael, Superfix

Carol attended the following Elevate Courses: Introduction to Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Visual Marketing: Digital Images

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