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Fresh Bocs – an Innovative Idea with an Inspiring Creator

Rosie attended Elevate's 'Introduction to Social Media Marketing', 'Social Media Marketing' and 'Visual Merchandising: Digital Images' courses.

Fresh Bocs, is a new web-based shop, selling fresh, locally grown, and ethically sourced produce.  There are currently around 200 products on the site and part of the attraction of the service offered is free delivery in Bangor and at locations in the surrounding area.  The venture is the brainchild of Rosie Kressman who was inspired, initially, by the calibre of local producers in North Wales and the quality of their produce. 

It's not a concept that has been taken lightly but one that has that has involved fifteen months of hard work and dedication.  Essential parts of the learning curve have been market research and finding out more about the practicalities of setting up, running and marketing a small business.  With this in mind, Rosie attended Elevate's 'Introduction to Social Media Marketing', 'Social Media Marketing' and 'Visual Merchandising: Digital Images' courses, during 2013 – 14 and could not speak highly enough of the beneficial effect:

"I can't really over-emphasise how valuable the courses were to me.  As well as teaching me a lot of new practical skills such as utilising social media, creating marketing materials using photoshop, and even creating my own e-commerce website, the course gave me allocated 'space' each week to look really critically at what I was doing and to plan my overall business strategy properly.  I had used social media a bit before attending the course but I now have a much better grasp of how to use it in a purposeful way to greater effect.  It has enabled me to launch a local produce business in a way that hasn't been done in this area before, and has ensured that there is a distinct niche for it within the existing market.

"There is a lot of supposed 'business support' out there that is either wishy-washy or very generalised and doesn't really 'fit' real businesses.  The Elevate courses are very much designed to fit around the business rather than vice versa, and the tutors are experienced and flexible enough to advise over a very broad range of enterprises."

Rosie’s meticulous approach to business planning is paying dividends, with the company already receiving national recognition.  Last June, Rosie was listed as one of the ‘Rising Stars of Business 2013’ by Insider, a leading business magazine in Wales.

In the run-up to the launch of Fresh Bocs, Rosie has grappled with the challenges facing many small business operators, such as looking for affordable premises and seeking funding, whilst also having the complex and sometimes thorny issue of sustainability to consider.  Throughout the set-up process, though, Rosie has maintained her vision for the enterprise:  to create a business centred round the whole experience of food. Firmly convinced that learning through Elevate has helped her on her way to achieving her goals, Rosie is keen to advocate the programme:   

"I highly recommend these courses!  I'm not convinced that I would have been able to get to the stage I'm at now without them, or I otherwise would have had to take on a huge amount of debt (and hassle) in order to create the website and marketing materials.  I feel that as an outcome of the courses I'm able to manage my own marketing and online retailing which are absolutely key to a business like mine.  The courses were also a whole load of fun!"

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