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Dr Carol Michael, Superfix Supplements

Carol completed our Introduction to Social Media Marketing  & Social Media Marketing Courses

Dr Carol Michael established Superfix Supplements, a Gwynedd based business over 5 years ago.  Superfix produces a range of plant based supplements to improve the performance of race horses and draws on Carol’s experience of working with some of the top performing race horses and trainers in Europe.

Carol recognised that Social Media was becoming an increasingly important way of communicating with her existing and potential customers who are based around the world. “I’m running a business which is expanding rapidly so I really don’t have time to waste, what I like about these courses are their practical nature”  says Carol.

Carol was particularly keen to engage with vets in the Middle East and as a small business needed to reduce her travel time and costs whilst maintaining regular and meaningful contact.  As she explains: “During the course I learnt how to set up a Linked In page for my business, asked for recommendations and as a result have made some valuable new contacts in Dubai.

Elevate runs two social media courses; an introductory course and a higher level course and many business people, including Carol, have signed up for both.

“I’m now learning how to develop a social media campaign which will enable my business to reach a far wider audience. The tutors are knowledgeable and I also appreciate the opportunity to learn from other businesses. These social media courses are fully funded but even if I’d had to pay thousands I would have been happy as I now have the skills to control the online presence of my business.”

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